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Sumalatha enters fray, Mandya fight hots up
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Sumalatha enters fray, Mandya fight hots up

Darshan & Yash to Sumalatha right and left

Bengaluru: Battle lines are set in Mandya with the entry of Sumalatha, wife of late Ambareesh as an independent candidate in the upcoming Lok sabha elections.

Sumalata Ambareesh, on Monday formally announced her decision to contest from Mandya Lok Sabha constitency as an independent candidate.


sumalatha during eariler campaign

Flanked by Challenging Star Darshan and Rocking Star Yash to her right and left, Sumalatha said her decision is influenced by the love and affection the people of Mandya have for Ambareesh and has not other political ambitions.

She formally announced her decision in the presence of some prominent Kannada film stars. She was flanked by actors Yash and Darshan.

The entry of Sumalatha has upset the alliance calculations in a seat where the Congress and the JDS both enjoy equal influence and had been considered a cakewalk for Nikhil.

Sumalatha met BJP veteran and former Congress leader S.M. Krishna at his home on Friday in a well-orchestrated move. With enough eyeballs on local television channels, she has started campaigning in Mandya.

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